North Coast Fabricators makes a concerted effort to hold true to the idea of least impact on our surroundings and keeps in mind how our work will affect future generations.  

At NCF it is not only our methods and materials that make a difference, but also the work partners we choose and the projects that we spend our efforts on. We carefully consider the benefits to our next generation in everything we do.

North Coast Fabricators owner's Paula and Tim are not just looking forward, but are working forward. They encourage learning about new technologies for energy production and are continually investigating ways that NCF can use their specialties to facilitate production of alternative energy sources.

North Coast Fabricators has taken steps in our offices and fabrication facility to reduce our energy usage, welcoming PG&E partners input and following suggestions for ways to cut costs.  We have switched out our lighting and lighting controls both in our fabrication shop and our offices and we have stepped up our education and awareness of energy usage to encourage conservation of energy as we go about our work day. NCF uses trusted and certified recycling partners that process our metal scrap and other wastes.

At North Coast Fabricators we are committed to making choices and investments that will enrich the lives of not only NCF workers and their families, but also their children and grandchildren growing up in our local community.

We are active with our timber industries and annually recycle nearly 75000 cubic yards of low level hazardous waste. In this process we are taking an ecological liability and making it a useful commodity.


We provide 30-40000 cubic yards of soil to local floral farms to be used in their nursery operations.

We separate and supply 20-25000 cubic yards of biomass that is used in local co-generation electrical plants.

We produce 12-20000 cubic yards of rock that is re-used for log yard storage, reducing the need to mine and truck new material.